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Originally Posted by highkick09 View Post
ok I found out that i am have 10 percent bodyfat using bodyfat calipers. I did it on 3 body fat sites & then just one & repeated 10 times just to make sure i am right lol.

method 1
Turns out my LBM is 135 pounds now x 16 then x acvitiy level 1.55(3-5 days) in which i think im the next level because i train 6 days. = 3348 calories x o.2 for my 20 percent of my calories is


method 2
or the other one that mointors my age, height & pounds (how much i weigh but i weighed only my lbm in it) & activity level which came to 2638 and 20 percent of this is

2105 I think this is my most accurate compared to the other one?

now I have ate 1850 calories today is this ok?

this week
coming in i will be maintaining my calories which one should i follow?

Bulking do i bulk x my LBM & not my total body weight

advice greatly appreciated

trying to get as serious as possible finally off topic does anyone ever feel at times?

I was invited out tonight i didnt bother because the whole way of trying to eat when i am out & stress of not getting enough sleep & unable to weigh out my food. I declined but then regret it. GF invited me out to dinner & with her friends because being around all them & me having different diet i didnt want to make trouble in the restaurant.

Finally i do not like going out anymore i prefer sitting in with a meal with my gf, or reading a book.

If any one recommends any good nutrition,motivational books be great to.

I currently like munching on these books.
Your question is not real clear. Are you looking for maintenance numbers, bulk numbers, cut numbers? Keep this in mind. The formulas and calculators are all based on perceived averages. They are not accurate for everyone, they only get you in the ball park. IMHO, the best way to find out your maintenance is to take one of the estimates and run it for a week or two. If you gain or lose during that time, adjust accordingly. On paper my TDEE to maintain is 2960 cals. I have found that my real TDEE is closer to 2500. It took some experimenting to lock it down.
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