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Band traction
General stretching
Liberal application of deep heat to lower back

Dynamic Bench
Bar x several
Add red bands
Bar x lots
50kg's x 3
70kg's for 5 sets of 3
80kg's for 3 sets of 3

Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press superset with Pull ups
15kg's x 10 ss 5 underhand
15kg's x 15 ss 5 over
15kg's x 15 ss 5 under
15kg's x 20 ss 5 over

Face Pulls ss more pull ups
10p x 10 ss 5 under
11p x 10 ss 5 over

Reverse cable curls ss Triceps pushdowns
5p x 15 ss 12p x 15 wide grip
5p x 15 ss 13p x 15 narrow
5p x 20 ss 14p x 20 medium

Did all of the above in about 50minutes with Dave. His second week back post shoulder operation and he's looking good. Being sensible with his weights and taking the opportunity to work on his technique a little bit. He basically needs to do two things to improve his bench: keep his wrists forward so that the bar is over his elbows and keep his arch. He sets up well, goes down well but as he goes to lock out he loses his upper back tightness instead of holding it. When he held it on about his 7th set out of 8, he did his best set.

I have not done any real overhead pressing for a long time because I have been scared about my shoulder. I don't think this is doing my bench any favours so I've decided to man up and get some work done. This week I was just testing the waters so did 4 sets as I found my feet. Next week will be the same with some standing dumbell work. I will keep the volume high and the weights low to begin with and build up. Loving supersetting the pressing with pull ups: brutal.

Finished up with some guns work and went with reverse curls for biceps. I get less bicep involvement but my forearm is still bothering me a bit on bench. Not when I'm pressing, just when unracking and racking but since I hurt it on Tuesday night it's already massively improved thanks to some anti inflamatories, stretching, rolling and general care. I'm sure it'll be fine soon. On that note though I changed my bench set up again and moved further up the bench towards the bar and moved my feet out wide a bit more. This has two benefits:

1. Being closer to the bar means I can get a much more efficient hand off. I think that where the bar was travelling so far I was flattening out trying to get into position. Today it felt like I was moving the bar about half the distance when pressing. This can only be good.

2. Having feet wider means that I can get the same leg drive but it helps to stabilise the bar. On the heavy singles on Tuesday the bar was wobbling a bit so this should help combat this.

All in all today was a great session. We were in at 10 as soon as the gym opened and did most of the session as the only people in there. I love it when that happens. The speed at which we worked was hard though and I had to take about 10minutes sitting outside with my protein shake before I could drive home. Good times. Dynamic squat tomorrow and I'm hoping for more of the same.

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