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Originally Posted by IronWarrior View Post
Wow, thanks for the information Kyle. I think for my first time running this program I'm going to stick with the main exercises and not deviate too much. However, I was wondering myself how to get full deadlifts from the floor incorporated into the program so I really appreciate your suggestions/ideas. Maybe things will change once I get to Program 6, but for right now I'm still making progress so I don't want to mess things up.

Could you explain why you would shrug at the top of an Overhead Press? I have long arms so I'm pretty unstable at the top... wouldn't shrugging just add more instability?

I'm really looking forward to adding pull-ups/chin-ups. I worked hard on getting my reps up on these before starting this program and they did wonders for my uppper body development.

Thanks again! Great thread and a much better forum than!
Yeah I didn't deviate from it at all really, I had decline bench press but ended up stalling, then ran it with incline for a while until I finally switched back to flat bench press, stalled again, and just got finished running blast your bench on top of this the other day (3 week program, took my bench from 185x5-210x3), and now I'm back at it.

Like I said, I wish I stuck with SLDL but I didn't think it was enough for back...looking back at it, I think once you get to heavy rows your back gets hit quite hard, my lower back is usually still sore from the last set of squats, even with a belt, and then I row right after (I do bench first), so definitely easy into deadlifts. I pretty much used baby weight and started with like 225 and just added 20 lbs every heavy workout if I remember correctly.

It's not really a shrug so much as it is just activating your traps. Rippetoe talks about it in this video, which is the form that I do my best to mimic. You see a lot of guys that use a wider grip or don't go down to their clavicles, and sometimes cheat the weight up/use their legs. That doesn't hit the delts as much as the Rippetoe form does though IMO. Watch that a few times and just hold a broomstick or just do it with the bar until you have that down (assuming it's not like this already). The hardest part for me was just getting my elbows out more, and keeping my wrists straight, but once I got that down I was able to pretty much jerk myself forward naturally. The whole shrug at the top pretty much comes natural, it's not like you press, stop, and then shrug, eventually it will come all at once, but exaggerate it for a few times until you get it down.

I feel you on the pullups...last year I worked my weighted pullups up to BW+45 with good form but I think the fact that I gained almost 20 lbs or so since then just destroyed my strength on those, so I just did BW and got fed up with the lack of progress so just did lat pulldowns. Either one works solid provided you are doing them with proper form (good article on that: 3DMUSCLEJOURNEY - Q & A January 2011

Casey's forum/site is awesome. It is not as active as I would prefer, but most of the posters are quality guys that are very well versed not just in lifting but in a lot of facets of life. Definitely one of the better places out there to get information from.
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