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Originally Posted by TBtaylor52 View Post
Age (18yrs or older): 21

Yrs of Experience: 2

Current Supps: Protein, Multi-V, Amino Acids, preworkout if I decide to use it(off it for a few weeks)

Recent Logs (this will not effect anyones chances of winning): No logs on this site currently, if you want them message me and Ill send you links to another site.

How you will use it (cut, bulk, recomp, ect): Cut.

Why you should be picked: Need anything that can help me keep or gain a little lean muscle while cutting. Trying to get to 12-15% and Im kinda close, probably 6-8 more weeks and I should be there.
Originally Posted by Learn View Post
Age (18yrs or older):X2

Yrs of Experience:off and on since early 90's

Current Supps:BodyOctane - Clout -fishoil -Protein

Recent Logs (this will not effect anyones chances of winning):a few here and there

How you will use it (cut, bulk, recomp, ect): cut/recomp

Why you should be picked:I am a vet on many boards and will offer honest feedback good or bad

What makes you a good Father (if not a father disregard. Will not effect anyones chances of winning):

Im a Dad who loves to play with my kid and would like to stay as strong and active as long as possible

and would love this as a gift !!!!!

Also I trust SNS
Originally Posted by rippednmichigan View Post
Hey thanks Whirly, looks like you got some interest. I don't want to get to greedy, but dammit everyone is having some good results with this stack!
Sorry for the late response. I am still having internet issues which I still haven't figured out yet.

All guys quoted above please send me you full name and shipping info

CONGRATS! to the winners.

Please post in this thread when you receive your products and also post a link to your logs. Would like you to please log it here and at our website. Welcome | SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
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