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Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post

Yes there is.

On another forum, the attitude of several of the experienced people is that, anything less than total slavery does not equate to being a bodybuilder.

Unless you are a total lifestyle slave, you have no right to call yourself a bodybuilder. Then there is also the mindset of, you must have competed at least once, to call yourself a bodybuilder. Then there is the mindset of, your not a bodybuilder till somebody else calls you a body builder.

I'm building my body. I'm a bodybuilder, I'm just not finished yet. Furthermore, I will not let anybody elses negative attitude affect how I feel. That does not mean I'm not critical and realistic about where I'm at.
I prefer to totally detach from the bodybuilding stigma...not from bodybuilding. Most lifters never compete. Some, like me, train for strength and size. Most lifters don't give a rip about competitions. I don't remember most competitions, but I remember bodybuilders with great physiques.

And I will say this as politely as possibler without slipping into full rant mode. I don't care to count grams. I've never needed to count grams. I don't care to worry about diet. I've never need to worry about diet.

I am a small-boned lifter who has broke all the rules and still thrived. I do not like being a slave to macronutrients, and other nutrients. If you want to count your daily omega 3 intake, by all means have at it! But when people pretend, or fall into self dillusion about there being only one way - well, it's insanity.

If you want to compete, then yes - diet is everything. And you do have to count everything.

I just editing an article today that was written by a younger lifter. It stated:

Dieting is THE most important part of muscle building.
No it is not!

Dieting is the most important aspect to competing.

Of course when we talk "dieting" it is usually associated with OCD bodybuilding staples like X meals every X minutes with proper food timing, and whey protein here, and casein there.

I have to tell you, and I have mentioned this to Glwanabe - I don't eat 5 protein meals a day. My eating is like this:

7 to 10
10 am...string cheese and tomato juice, or a protein bar
1 pm...protein drink

In the past, I have eaten like a bodybuilder. But I have rarely remained strict with any orthodox bodybuilding diet mantras in the last 10 years. Why? I have found that simply eating more is the fastest way to gain muscle.

I'm not implying that my dieting madness is perfect for anyone other then me. I've learned my body, and know what works. I just don't see the value in the slavery.

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