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Originally Posted by Dianna Bol View Post
You hit them good.
Originally Posted by RickB View Post
Great job brother! Good stuff!
thanks guys!
Originally Posted by rippednmichigan View Post
Love the video man, I like it when people post video's so we can see them do work.
yea ill start posting some more. probably mostly deads and squats as theyre really the only interesting ones to me lol
Originally Posted by bwys61 View Post
nice job. whats your goal?
hmm. never thought about that. i dont have a goal just get strong as shit i guess. but i want to pull 5 wheels sometime in the not too far future. the program im on is going great so far, but i wont see 495 for a while on it. im not too concerned as long as i keep seeing my numbers go up.
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