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Default State of the Forum: Members & LURKERS Please Read

Muscle and Brawn hit its 8 month of life in June. Site growth is ongoing, consistent, and generally exceeding all expectations.

In January of this year, Muscle and Brawn served up about 35,000 pages. In the last 5 months, that traffic has gone up over ten fold. By the end of the year, Muscle and Brawn should easily be serving over a 1,000,000 pages per month. Muscle and Brawn is also currently in the top 0.5% of all sites on the Internet, which is a good start.

On the other hand, forum growth is slow. We get a few new people, and several people leave. I appreciate everyone who contributes to this forum.

Small forums are very difficult to grow, and take quite a bit of time. But I am dedicated to this website and forum. My goal with the forum is to provide a mature, friendly environment where training, diet and results are discussed openly without personal attacks. We have that.

If I allowed chaos, the forum would grow faster. But I won't.

I want to encourage lurkers to register and post in the Introductions thread. We receive over 40 lurkers a day, and our community needs your contributions.

While there are hundreds of lifting sites on the web, the vision of MAB is to provide training and diet info for the Average Schmoe...a guy like me...that may never compete in powerlifting or bodybuilding, but who loves the iron game. I will continue to work diligently to provide quality content.

And if you haven't explored the website lately, please take a look. I have been gathering a team of contributing writers that are top notch.

Casey Butt is THE natural guru...he is a PhD who spent years studying natural bodybuilding.

Mike Westerdal is the Bench Press KING...Mike has written tons of articles on the bench press alone, and really has a love of strength and muscle.

Josh Staph is a feature writer for Stack Magazine. Josh writes articles about how top tier athletes train.

Tim Donahey. Tim is an old school type of guy. He knows Reg Park and Arnold's early training methods better then I know myself.

Recently, MAB has begun to add articles by Dave Tate and Elite Fitness. Talk about a wealth of training info. The articles section is growing fast. Click on an author's name to view a list of their articles. I am adding more each day.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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