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If you don't read this email completely you could be missing out

Read this email immediately!

Dear forum member,

I am interested in telling you about a real problem with your current nitric oxide (NO) pre-workout productÖ

Letís face it; as bodybuilders, we need to have an edge before we train. Weíve all tried to train without any help from energy and stamina products, and each time itís the same; weíre slow moving, our strength is lacking, our focus is lost, and our endurance fails. We NEED that edge.

The days of just drinking a cup of coffee before training have been over for quite some time. Donít get me wrong, I love a good cup of java, but címon, itís not like Iím going to be doing water aerobics with my grandmother down at the community pool, here. I need something to fuel the fire. I need something to give me skin-bursting pumps, Hulk-like strength, and the endurance of an ultra-marathon runnerÖI need LG Sciences ANADRAULIC PUMP!

Sick vascularity and pumps are what get you noticed. Women love to see a guy with roadmap-like veins popping out when he pulls his shirt off. Unfortunately, if you don't know this secret, you may be robbing your body of the results that will get you noticed.

Iím sure youíve realized that your current NO product doesn't make your veins pop. Sure, it may give you some great energy, but do your muscles throb? Does it feel as though your skin is about to burst at the seams? Chances are it doesnít. You may as well just be taking a stim-pill, as itís obvious that your pre-workout drink isnít doing what it was meant to do; deliver key nutrients for growth. Well, we have a solution to that, and itís Anadraulic Pump.

Anadraulic Pump isnít like those other pre-workout drinks that claim to get you ďjackedĒ yet offer little more than some stimulants, nootropics, and creatine, which I might add, is quite counterproductive to the pump weíre trying to achieve.

I admit, we got caught up in the frenzy of mixing creatine with NO to give people a false pump that defeats the total purpose of NO products. The original Cold Fusion was arguably the absolute best NO product on the market; it was a liquid that had nothing but NO potentiators and co-factors that gave amazing vascularity and mind-blowing pumps. Sadly, we got caught up in the hype by adding creatine to the mix and it was never the same; never causing the roadmap-like veins that will get you noticed.

So, why is it you donít want to mix creatine with your NO products?...

Have you ever noticed that the vasodilatation products that are out now don't do a thing to give you the eye-popping veins and pumps that help deliver those key nutrients to your muscles? To make it short, the main issue is the slowing down in absorption that goes with taking too much creatine along with your NO factors. This is why we have announced Anadraulic Pump, the most advanced, TRUE nitric oxide product since the introduction of Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG).

Why did we go with a powder?...

The fact of the matter is that pills just arenít going to do it. Simply put, pills take a long time to dissolve, and in addition, to get even a decent amount of NO boosting agents you would need to take 6-8 horse sized pills. One company knew that tablets take WAY too long to dissolve and added in super dissolving agents, which would have been fine, except the fact that within a few weeks, my pills turned into powder at the bottom of the bottle (seems it worked too well). So, our Anadraulic Pump powder hits you fast, which is exactly what you need!

Just take your Anadraulic Pump fifteen minutes before your workout, and youíre set!

Unlike creatine that needs time to get into the muscle cells and recharge ATP, NO factors work in the bloodstream, which is why you need to take them at different times. If you take NO with creatine, one of them is going to be wasted. You either wait for the creatine to get into the muscles (taking it 45 minutes before working out) and peak too early on your NO product, OR you take it right before a workout, wasting the ATP charging effect of creatine. This is why we developed a two-phase approach starting with Anadraulic State 45 minutes pre-workout, and Anadraulic Pump 15 minutes pre-workout, to make sure that the creatine uptake, NO pumps, and extreme vascularity hit you at the most ample time.

How does it taste?

We heard you loud and clear, you want it to taste like soda-pop...mission accomplished! Anadraulic Pump has an amazing taste to compliment its strategic blend of NO ingredients.

The pumps have to be felt to be believed, and I know you will love this product so much that I am willing to offer it at a special price to forum members!

What's in it?

First off, there are no artificial colors or fillers like other NO products, so it will hit you fast and hard. Also, there are no carbs or anything that will interfere with the absorption of the NO cofactors, or those of you on ketogenic diets. The ingredients are perfect to give amazing pumps and energy, yet carry none of the dietary failures of other pre-workout products. Itís just the edge we need!

3 types of Arginine:

Arginine HCL - Hits you fast and is the ingredient shown to cause the most immediate release in nitric oxide

Arginine AKG - Arginine bonded to alpha ketoglutarate, which is a di-peptide that increases cellular uptake

Arginine Orotate - Arginine bonded to orotic acid, which may boost athletic performance

Amino Acid Co-Factors - To increase recovery and stamina

L-Aspartic Acid

Flavonoids - To increase athletic performance

Focus Factor - Giving you the insane focus you need to get the most out of each and every workout
Geranium Oil Extract #105-41-9

Anadraulic Pump is the perfect blend to give you insane vascularity and amazing pumps in the gym. Start taking your workouts, and your looks, to the next level with Anadraulic Pump!

For a limited time (and I mean limited) you can get Anadraulic Pump for only $14.99 this is limited to a very small run of people, so supplies are limited!
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