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RogueDynamics is off to a bad start

Thanks for your comments! I'm doing a modified version of the 3 Month Muscle Building Workout plus some modifications, and lemme tell ya, it's a kick ass workout for newbies like myself!

A few of the books I bring with me are free publications, and I will note these in my journal. I appreciate the encouragement!

Things I will use/do next workout: This time I set rep and weight goals for EACH individual set to give myself some form of mental control. I'm not a fan of the half-assed throwing around of weights. This helped me go up in most of my weights today, or at least do more reps.

Things I will not use/do next workout: I ate a big meal around 2, and started my workout around 3:45. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but I hit decline presses and felt like I was going to throw up afterwards. Never did, but it was enough to make me consider what I eat before each workout!
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