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Default RogueDynamics' path to a strong mind and body.

I never really was big on training journals, or journals in general until I started reading some of the other ones in this section. You men really are admirable in your pursuit of strength. I hope that my skinny little white dude posts may someday be an inspiration to other skinny little white dudes!

Day 1
168lbs, 5'10

Workout: Chest and triceps, 3 sets each unless otherwise noted
Dumbbell bench - incline 60lbs, decline 60lbs, flat 70lbs
Cable flies - low 17.5lbs, high 35lbs
Pullovers - 40lbs x 2
Tricep extensions - 40lbs
Tricep pull downs - 70lbs x 4
Seated tricep extensions - 40lbs

Preworkout - USPLabs "Jack3d".
During workout - I usually try and fill up my water bottle 4 times.
Postworkout - EAS Myoplex whey protein, and whatever food I can get my hands on.

I bring a theology book with me to read in between sets. 1 page usually equals the perfect amount of rest time, depending on the size of the book, ect.

Current book - "Unshakable Foundations", Norman G. & Peter B.

Any comments/suggestions/questions would be great!

- Joe
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