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Originally Posted by MMA Max View Post
I try and never make fun of how people train, Esp if they get hurt. But I must mention I hate kipping Pull Ups. Next - Some crossfit is awesome, It works well in some aspects for fighting and other types of work. Some of these guys are smaller and pull more weight with ease then most of us here and some are bigger then us here and still do more weight, with good form.

This link is a guy doing the king kong
1) Deadlift @ 500lbs
2) 2 Muscle Ups
3) 3 Squat Cleans 275lbs
4) Hand stand Push Ups

All For threee rounds So total - 500x 3 singles , 6 muscle ups, 9 Squat Cleans, 9 hand stands. Thats more then most of the guys here lol and he is smaller..However he did do olympic games

YouTube - ‪Crossfit King Kong David Morgan‬‏

This next guy is smaller then most here ( also doing king Kong) and he is pulling 455 for 3 singles 2 Muscle ups for a total 6, 3 Squat cleans for 250 for a total 9 and 4 hand stand push ups. Thats pretty good

YouTube - ‪Crossfit King Kong Josh Everett‬‏
And this guy is a prime example of doing crossfit the right way.

Originally Posted by Spartigus View Post
Crossfit is great, but its meant for people with a pretty good strength base to start with. Its not something you can give to a rank novice though, yet a lot of novice guys tend to do it, and get injured and use horrid form. That tends to be why it can have a bad name.
This is my beef with it ^^. People lifting weights they're not strong enough to handle with god awful form because that's what the crossfit workout prescribes. I mock it in the same way that I would mock deadlifting with horrendous form or quarter squats because none of them is a good idea.

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