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I'm currently workign on a bodypart split mainly consisting of compound exercises as i want to get both bigger and stronger and have found that for me it seems to work better this way.

I have set myself lifting targets i want to achieve as a way of monitoring my progress as well as measuring myself so i can judge improvements

The targets were set at the beginning of 2009 and they are as follows :

Bench : 100kgs
Squat : 135kgs
Trap bar Deadlift : 180kgs

At the beginning of the year my numbers were :

bench : 50kgs x 5 best
squat : 60kgs x 5 best
deadlift : 100kgs x 5 best

I set the targets relatively high as i wanted to really push myself and will start this log as of now with where i am currently then will post new targets at the beginning of 2010
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