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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I don't know about strategy, but you pick a date later this month, and I'll do a 1 rep max for all three lifts on the same day right there with you.

Could be like a virtual meet. Honor system of course. I have no video skills to speak of.

We could even do it for real like a meet, not like Steve's precision system. We each get to warmup however we want, including in between lifts, but only get three money lifts that count. Squat first, Bench, then Deadlift. Post your best money lifts and total it up.

You'll probably beat me, but I love a challenge. Get your Dad to spot you. I can usually find some meathead in my gym to yank a bar off my flailing carcass!

Might be fun.
Mike this sounds like a f'in great idea! I'll see if i can figure out how to record it from this fancy computer camera. I say we open it to anyone who wants in and have a MAB e-Powerlifting meet for the sake of challenging yourself.
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