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polak is off to a bad start

atm im working out 4 days a week 2 on 1 off 2 on with a 3day split
doing 1 muscle group twice a week and it alternates.

(work whole body 3 day split and on 4th day choose a muscle group to do twice a week)


dumbbell overhead presses
lateral raises

barbell curls

cable bicep curls
push downs for triceps


leg extensions
leg curls
calve press (using leg press machine)

#3 OFF

bench press
pec deck or cable flys

dumbbell rows
lat pull downs

#5 choose legs, or arms

but this week my legs hurt from last weeks squats so i thought i should do something else.

i ended up squatting though :*( but was curious if ok to work similar muscles next day.
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