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I was 23 when I started, now I'm 24.
maybe you're not realizing how underweighted I was back then. got about 13pounds in the first 2 months. maybe it's cause a few years ago I had some weight training, but I had no clue about the nutrition role in the whole thing, so it took me 6 months to get 11pounds. needless to say, I lost it all after a few months.
anyway, I know some people who were just as skinny I was, proportionally to their heights, and also got 10 to 15 lbs in the first 3 months. of course gains slowed down quite a bit after that. I see no big deal in that.

here are some pics I shot yesterday/today (no "before pics" though):

6feet(maybe 6.1, not sure)
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as I said, no big deal, I'm still nowhere near what I want to achieve. still want 45pounds or so.

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