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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Here's another way of looking at gains.

Each of us have a natural potential (from a normalize, non-underweight starting point). This could be 25 pounds, 30, or 35 pounds of muscle.

Consider your potential a glass of water.

The faster you gain, the less you have in the glass to gain in future years.

Potential is potential. You can't will yourself into a greater potential (a larger glass of water), nor can you will yourself into gaining 10-20 more pounds than the great natural bodybuilders of the last 60 years.

Again, this information is presented to help naturals paint a reasonable picture. This forum will never espouse the steroid magazine bullsh*t notion that gains for naturals are unlimited. Life (and the body) doesn't work that way.

Furthermore, I will not allow naturals on this forum to be mislead into believing they can gain 10-20 more pounds than the greater natural bodybuilders of all time. Some of you may not like this, but I will not allow steroid magazine nonsense to be propagated here.
It all makes total sense BTB. The additional nugget (that I think supports the research and argument) is the testosterone factor.

Each of us only produces but so much. And based on how much testosterone you can naturally produce, you can gain and maintain muscle to a certain extent. Above and beyond that, you have to artificially increase testosterone production in order to gain muscle beyond your natural limits.

I haven't seen any research to this point, but it would make sense to me that individuals who slightly exceed these averages may naturally produce, on average, higher levels of testosterone.
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