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Hey Guys!

I have been introduced to full body workout a couple of days ago and after reading a compilation of articles from John Christy it has really amazed me.

I am trying to come up with a routine and got a suggestion which I really liked and I would appreciate your thoughts on it.

First of all a little of me..

I am Brazilian, 25 years old and have some bad experience with bodybuilding. I started to change my body when I was 18 and had not any knowledge about the bodybuilding and all stuff which must come together. I was introduced to drugs very early and did not think about health at all.. All I wanted was some extra pounds to fill the bones.! I got around 20 pounds and lost 25 in the process and I am exactly with the same old ugly shape.

Times go on and I would like something better for my body. Drug free, natural growth without getting crazy to see results. I don’t want to be the hulk in two months anymore.!

Last time I got a dumbbell at my hand was about a year ago and have not been doing anything besides smoking some herb and enjoy the evenings after work in the couch!

I really liked the idea of cycling the training and I am trying to make a good routine, push myself and put 20 pounds in a year or so.

So please… Have a look:

In the first ~8 weeks I will be working at the alarm reaction faze with the following routine (which was suggested by a colleague):

Crunch - 1x12
Squat - 2x8
Stiff - 1x12
Bench Press - 2x8
Dumbbell rowing - 2x8
Standing calf raise- 1x8
Shrung 1x8

Sidebend - 1x12
Deadlift - 2x8
Military Press - 2x8
Barbell curls - 2x8
Close grip bench press - 2x8

I am not sure about the sets and reps.. What should I do here? What is the best in my case? Is the routine good enough? What would you suggest?

Doing the linear progression of weights, like increasing 4 pounds to squat, 1 pound at the bench press and so on. Again, is it right or did I miss something?

Also, I will be working two days a week to improve my cardio system and be ready and prepared to Resistance Phase in 2 months or so. In this time I will be able to eat 6x per day again and work as hard as I can to put some real weight at faze 2.

Thanks for the informative material and I really appreciate the help!

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