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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Nice lifting. Won't be as long as you think until you catch your dad. (Er.. he's not Zydrunas Savikas is he... ?)

Stick to good form and consistent effort and you'll be jacking monster weights before you know it.

Nice program too. Interesting. Kill it.
Thanks Mike, He's no Zydrunas Savikas but he just retains his strength no matter how long its been since he last lifted. It shocks me what he does after not lifting for a few months or even a year.

Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
I like your workout structure - heavy, basic and reliable!
Thats what i picked up from this site from looking around on here for a month or so. Heavy compounds are win!

Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
Solid PR's, good work!
Thanks Swede looking to crush those deadlifts again next wednesday!
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