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Default Funny story

I've been doing starting strength for months, just finished, and so pretty much every time I am at the gym I am squatting. Besides a few other strength trainners, the power racks are pretty much always used for curls, shrugs and other non-sense.

Almost every time I work out there is this one guy there is short and stout. The guy is pretty much all arms, and I swear he's doing bicep curls 3x a week. His arms about as large as his head and he's maybe 25.

I've never seen this guy squat before, so yesterday for the first time ever I see him at the squat rack. He spends, no joke, 30 mins stretching in the rack and then wrapping his knees. He puts a belt on.

He loads up the bar with 3 plates on each side and I think to myself, what a badass he's warming up with 315!

He gets under the bar, racks it on his shoulder, steps back and.... goes down about 4 inches and then comes back up... He does this for 3 sets of 8 with about 10 mins rest between each set. 4, maybe 5 inches tops, the guy barely lowered himself and was miles away from parallel.

Now I am not trying to be hater, but I almost rolled over laughing after seeing this whole scene play out. After those 3 sets, he throws a 10 on each side, busts out six more partial reps and then goes and throws 500lbs on the leg press and stops squatting.

Something about the huge amount of prep time, the knee wraps, lack of warmup reps, the belt, the bar pad and these not even partial reps was hilariously absurd... Had share.
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