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Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
One thing you could try with the Dumbbell rows to make them feel heavier and to hit that spot that the Straightarms are hitting (the upper lat) Is start with the dumbbell under the bench (as if it is under the opposite pec to the arm that you are using) and pull them out and up rather than just up. I have done them this way before (admitedly it was with a guy who believes in targetting every bit of every muscle), but it definitely made me ache in a different way AND i couldnt use as much weight.

Just a thought buddy

Thanks Carl - the cross beam under my bench makes this kind of motion very difficult, but I see where it would be useful.
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I personally believe that once the weight gets heavy, going higher (up to 20 reps) is a great option. Some of the young guys might scream "endurance training", but it's not. if you can row over 100 pounds for 20 reps you are freaking strong, and you will get bigger.
I'm on my way.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Fair enough. My only rebuttal is that "feeling" a muscle working isn't always an indicator of an effective growth stimulus. Bodybuilders over the ages have tried to turn compound lifts into isolation lifts to get a better feel for a single muscle group. They do so at the expense of training intensity. I am of the opinion that the only thing you should feel on an exercise is the overwhelming desire to stop because of its brutality.

But...I would never be critical of you if you keep them for pleasure...because, after all, this isn't life or death. I do some exercises for pleasure.
Great quote. I am getting the benefits of brutal exercises in this workout, and then some. I've got my pinwheels on Arms and Shoulders day for fun, and it is good to have one exercise in each routine that is less intense and more enjoyable. Face pulls fit this criteria. Straight arm pushdowns are gone.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
No. Not at all. It can be good to alternate intensity. On my recent back day I did rows, then curls, them shrugs. Sometimes a moderate exercise in between two beastly exercises is a very smart choice. A working recovery.
Great. Done! Now I'm getting somewhere with this routine's new layout.
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
The handles look a hair deeper than the plates. If you rested the plates on the bricks, and used the handles, wouldn't it give you more height?

With smaller plates you need the bricks for height. Why are you turning the handles over and dropping height by inches again? Just curious if I am missing something...

Perhaps stability...the plates want to roll?

Thanks for all your help!!



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