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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Some things I think you could refine:

Deadlifts...limit it to one all out set each week. Warmup, ramp up, crush it and drive on.

Straight Arm Lat Pull Downs...Do not like. If I were training you I would punt them.

One Arm Dumbbell Rows...These tax the snot out of me. And they take time. The time factor can be a burden especially when you are lifting heavy. Consider 2 sets instead. (I like higher rep sets on these, but mileage may vary) Or you could use barbell rows instead.

I like the deadlift and dumbbell row combination (not trying to be argumentative with LTL). They are my favorite 2 back builders, and for a pure hypertrophy program I think they are better than doing deadlifts followed by barbell rows. The deadlift, barbell row combo can beat up my lower back. Mileage may vary...many times I do them together anyway just because it takes me 8 weeks to load the dumbbell rows and I am a lazy sot.
I completely agree RE the DB rows; they are very taxing. I aim for 12 rep sets @ 50 kilos, and I pretty much am stuck here, as I can't load more weight onto my DBs!! So, high rep sets it is.

I am not necessarily an advocate of the straight arm pushdowns, but I do feel them working the outside area of the lats, nearest my armpits, and for that reason I have considered them to be a useful exercise.

The deads and bent over rows are a powerful combo - which is why I'm so buggered after doing them. Glad you agree that 2 sets is good enough.

Based on where my equipment is located, just to save time, I am going to suggest doing deadlifts followed by seated row. Is this an especially bad idea?



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