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Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
Nice work Jim!! Glad to see you're still logging here.
Thanks mate Yep, it's good to be here!!

Originally Posted by Aurik View Post
Simply beastly there, JimBro! You'll be hitting 2pps on that push press before you know it!
Thanks KenBro - I always think of your OHP in between my sets cuz it's serious inspration - with that I agree 2 PPs this smmer or fall.

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Awesome work Jim. Now it's time to get to 50 pull ups in 5 sets or less

Thanks Al!! How about pull ups and ss rack chins? Or maybe weighted pull ups? My only issue doing the 50 again is a time issue - it takes me 30 mins. The most I can do now is maybe 5 reps per set. Whatever you say tho, I will do as I believe in ya 100%

Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
great work Jim, thats one hell of a session big man. 50 pull ups is outstanding mate and I know how long you have been working towards that. Same with the PP and al other exercises, you have make superb progress right through 5/3/1 mate and long may it continue.

Thanks Carl!! Yup, I'm very proud of reaching this goal. It would be something to take 531 to cycle 15 - just think of the scary numbers to lift!!

Originally Posted by bigtim27 View Post
Awesome work Jimbroni!!!! You are an amazing lifter buddy and your progress shows it. I'm really proud to know you.
Thanks Timbo!! It means alot to me brother To have the respect of my bro's really makes me proud to be a part of all this.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Darn Jimbo that's a huge number. I love the heavy pressing. A man who can learn to love the press will be successful in just about whatever he does in lifting.

You are in that rare air that feels good, where you are overhead pressing most guys' bench press.
Thanks so much Steve - it really means so very much to me. Yep, its hard to believe I used to despise OHP and never really progressed on it-sort of like a viscious circle - same could be said for my benching. I remember last summer, Shadow pointed out how he couldn't believe how bad my OHP was. I have to thank him for that cuz it really motivated me to do something about it.

Originally Posted by *MC* View Post
Jimbro-- you are killing 531, even as you cut! What an inspiration you are! W0000T!!
Thanks Nardbro - it's interesting I am finding cycle 8 not as hard as cycle 7 - I struggled with cycle 7. My cut is very slow - about a pound per week!! 220 here i come.

Originally Posted by dmaipa View Post
Solid work bro
Thanks brother!!

Originally Posted by ILoveLifting View Post
Glad to see youre back, jim!!!
Thanks Seth!! It's good to be back - you were right, I do belong here

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
W000000000000000000000000000000000000T!!! fantastic session Jim!
Thanks Babs!! It was one of my best days a s a lifter - and thats saying alot for an OHP day.

Originally Posted by jesseisrael View Post
Great work Jim!!!!
thanks so much Jesse!!
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