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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
One thing that confuses me about vegetarians that ask muscle building questions:

Nearly every one of them wants to know how to get enough daily protein.

On the surface, you would have thought that because vegetarianism is such a unique eating lifestyle they would already know. It makes me wonder how many folks are jumping into this lifestyle without doing any research.

I guess my next question is, why do they come to non-vegetarians for answers?

I have no idea what you all eat.
The other thing that springs to mind is, is it more a question of total calories since I'm pretty sure if they're eating tofu, cheese, drinking milk, eating yoghurt that they will be consuming more protein than me on an average day.

I sat and worked it out one day, and it was pretty low in comparison but I still built plenty of muscle on it.

But, with vegetarians, most of the food is low calorie, if they are "ultra" vegetarian eating things like sprouted seeds and, it may just be a case of total calories and not so much to do with the protein intake...just a thought.
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