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Took the day off today to recover...but I thought I would update anyways and do a little write up on how I cut weight and diet down for a meet:

First and foremost...this is the methods I have tweaked and developed that have worked for ME...I cannot promise that they will work for anyone else. My goal here is for anyone to possibly grab some ideas or new information that does not involve them using drastic measures or dieting for months and months.

This process usually takes 2-6 weeks depending on starting weight and how much you need to drop. I will use my Powerstation Pro meet and plan for the example here. Approx. 1 month out I was 164 pounds bodyweight. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. The first thing I do is start eating at consistent times throughout the day and cut portions. I take the amount of food I eat and split it into 6 meals spaced throughout my day. I DO NOT change what i am eating yet. Start only drinking water, coffee, or green tea. I do this for 1 week.

During week 2, I start to cut out any unclean carbs and watch my calorie intake. I take out stuff such as cheese, white breads, even some pastas. I usually use oatmeal, fruit, and veggies as my carb sources. I also add more protein. I only eat chicken, fish, and egg whites as my "main" courses for meals. I also add in cardio. I try to do an hour a day, but split it up. For example, I do 30 min bright and early on an empty stomach and I usually stick to a paced walk on an incline (3mph at 6 incline) I also suggest green tea extract and b-12 (green tea is actually a strong fat burner and b-12 provides some energy). At night i do 30 min FAST with an incline (usually 4.5 mph on an 9 incline). I try to walk because I have had 2 knee surgeries and running hurts them. I increase my water intake. You dont have to count it. Just keep drinking water all day. I do this for 1 week. At this point I am about 150-154.

Here is where it gets tough, goes against science, conventional wisdom, but works if you get your mind right and stay positive: I cut pretty much all carbs (crazy i know!). I wake up and do my cardio with the supplements. I also drink strong black coffee 1) for energy and 2) to clean out my insides from all the protein intake. The only carbs I have are taken if they are naturally in what I am eating (some egg whites have 1-5g carbs) or a few spoons of almond butter here and there for snacks. I eat 5 egg whites for breakfast. Chicken for lunch. Fish and egg white for dinner. I also take 2 protein shakes, also providing some carbs. I up my cardio to 45 minutes-1 hour a session. I cut out the intense cardio and stick to paced walking. I do this for 1 week. Keep up the water intake. I usually weigh anywhere from 148-152.

1 week out from the meet, I stick to the same eating plan. I up the water intake even more. At this point I dont even drink coffee, only water. 2 days out from weigh in, I start taking cranberry extract. It acts as a natural diuretic, but usually doesnt take the water out of your system that fast. It will just make sure you keep going pee. 1 day out from the weigh in, I stop eating the morning off after 1 last egg white and fish meal and i stop water consumption (this is usually in the afternoon sometime, no later than 5pm). Now if I was 148 or didnt care about co efficient and winning, you can stop there, bc you would be 148 or likely less ( I was like 144-146). I take one last dose of cranberry extract and also a dose of dandelion root (also a natural diuretic). I then continue to get rid of water. Best thing to do during the day.....SLEEP. You will usually wake up alot and take a piss and you wont feel so hungry and your mind wont be on the cut. At the last few hours, check the scale. I was a little over, so you can find a sauna, or steam your shower. I put make up remover on my body before bc it opens the pores of the skin, thus quickening the sweating process. Since it is maybe 3-7 pounds, its not too bad and goes pretty quick. Also, chew sour gum and spit if you have to. make sure you keep wiping the sweat off, so have LOTS of towels, because the body will suck the water back in through the skin since you are dehydrated. This is also why I try to avoid hot tub, hot bath, or hot showers. Go to the weigh in early. Ask to check your weight on the meet scale for an unoffcial weigh in. If its on, step off and ask for the official weigh in. As soon as you are done, start pounding 50/50 gatorade and pedialyte. and EAT EAT EAT!!!!!! the weight will go back on pretty easy. I weighed in at 137 for the Pro/AM. down from 164. 27 pounds in 4 weeks.

Reasons I like this way:

1) its only over the course of a month
2) you dont have to sweat out like 12% of your bodyweight in water
3) I know I cut down on food, but really if you stick to the chicken, egg whites, fish, and protein shakes, you can have as uch as you want, so you dont have to go terribly hungry.
4) you dont have to use laxatives of any kind.
5) Its pretty safe, you dont sweat out too much, its not real uncomfortable, you still have food intake.

Let me know if you have any questions. Again, this is what works for ME so I caution you when doing this, as obviously, with anything in our sport, there are some health risks.
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