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Default Feedback on switching from fullbody training to push/pull/leg training

Hello all, I wanted to say hello and was looking for some feedback regarding switching from a fullbody workout to a Push/Pull/leg split. I am 40 year old male and have been doing a fullbody workout for the past six months after many years of not doing any form of resistance training with the exception of bodyweight exercises. I have had good results using a routine similar to Casey Butts beginner program. However, I am considering switching to a routine such as the push/pull/split written by Mick Madden titled “The Old Man Routine” . as I would rather now reduce the frequency of squatting to no more than one or two x a week. I am aware that if I train correctly, I can gain on mostly any routine as this routine appears to still focus on the compound lifts. Have any of you gained on a similar push/pull/leg routine? My main concern is while I would be reducing the frequency of squatting on the push/pull/leg I would obviously be reducing the frequency on all other exercises as well.

Thanks for your input!
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