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Originally Posted by LtL View Post
To remain in ketosis you need less than 25grams per day I think. These will all be made up of incidental carb's from whey, veggies etc. This number is obviously slightly arbitrary as we are all different sizes, metabolisms, etc but I would NOT eat any carb' sources early on in a paleo or keto diet as they will make you feel RANK afterwards. After a couple of weeks of this a good carb' up will make you feel amazing and can become a regular feature.

The biggest problem I had when on a no carb' diet was everyone else's opinions about it. If you can cope with this, you'll be golden.

The range for ketosis varies per person. I will speak only for myself. Once in Ketosis, I must exceed about 100g of carbs for multiple days. My experience is that one pizza meal will not kick me out, but a full day or two of high carbs will. Once you get into ketosis, which is not absolutely necessary for a low carb approach to be affective, you will have to play with your daily intake to find that level or point that kicks you out.

Carl you are correct that it is near impossible to eat NO carbs. There are trace carbs in most everything. What you have to watch are all the items you don't think about. Drinks, condiments, flavorings, health foods, etc... One key that is so hard to get over is the low fat issue. Not sure how it has been in the UK, but the low fat police are horrible here, you will need the fats for energy. You will have to convince yourself that fat is good. I remind myself that "Fat is the new carb."

I too would love to see some of IA's stuff in a compilation. I have read some articles and posts he wrote, but have not seen it all together. A couple of things I have learned from Layne Norton's stuff. 1, On training days, my only intentional carbs are about an hour pre-workout. 2. Make use of BCAA, I like X-tend best, but am currently using some bulk bcaa and crystal light, during the day, between meals. 3. Besure to keep protein at least 1g per pound. Protein is thermogenic and will assist in maintaining muscle while burning fat. The most common problem I have seen with folks on a low carb diet is not too many carbs or too little fat, but too little protein. They lose quickly, but end up losing muscle. The protein helps maintain the muscle while burning the fat. So, when setting up macros, start with the protein, not carbs, then fats, finally make carbs the after thought. This will almost ensure that you will keep carbs low. It will still boil down to calories in calories out. The main advantage to low carb is that it is satiating, so you tend to eat fewer calories and yet feel satisfied.

My rambling 2 cents for now. Let me know what IA stuff you find. When I get some time, I will help hunt.
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