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RC warm-ups with 2.5kg's plates
Bar x lots
60kg's x 8
80kg's x 5
100kg's x 3
115kg's x 1
125kg's x 1
132.5kg's x 1 PB
137.5kg's x 1 PB

Dumbell Bench Press
30kg's for 2 sets of 20

Straight Bar Tricep Pushdowns
6plates for 2 sets of 15

Seated Cable Row
75kg's x 15
75kg's x 20

EZ Bar Standing Curl
35kg's x 10
30kg's x 10

Awesome session with the guys today. Sun is shining, weather is sweet, makes me wanna move, well the bar

CGBP's felt strong. I went for 132.5 to make sure I got the PB before pushing it. Didn't think I would get 140 after that by the way I had to grind out the 137.5 I think I was right, good call. John hit 137.5 then went on to get 140 for the win. Also attempted 145 and ran out of steam. If he had made the straight jump I think he may well have got it.

Got lots of volume in the rest of the session. I read a good quote about assistance the other day which said something along the lines of: "The exercises should be things that you have difficulty on at light weights so that you can work hard without burning out your CNS. This will allow you to lift heavier for longer without deloading." This matches my thinking as well. I want things which add to my performance on the big 3 and not detract from them.

Lastly my back/forearm issue is starting to flare a bit again. Forearm was tight as hell during the heavy pressing today and also as I got tired on the dumbells although I could adjust the angle slightly to help there. It didn't hold me back and after a bit of icing PWO it feels ok but this is another sign that it's time to deload. I have a wedding tomorrow so have pushed my max effort Squat/DL back to Monday and then next week I'll just do dynamic effort sessions with reduced volume and no max effort before slipping back into the normal routine the week after. I think my body will thank me for it.

Here's the vid:

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