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today is probably 1 of the hardest days i have done i have had my son all day because all the kids are off school now. so i was carrying my son on my shoulders all round town after a long day out i have come back worn out and have tryed my best to blast out as meny reps and sets as i can

so today i have only manèged to do my chest so i will do triceps in the morning along with abs and circuit training i have got a thumping headache but i don't think this is from the stack it could be from being out in the sun all day and not drinking enough water (never mind the screaming kids running round lmao) if any of you guys following me have kids ull now what i mean lol

heres my chest workout for this afternoon its not much but better then nothing i also feel that my strength has gone up a fair bit on some exercises so were you see * this mark is were my strength has gone up

dumbell incline press 3 sets * (21kg) 10 , 8, 18kg ,10
barbell bench press 3 sets 45kg 10,8,8
dumbell decline press 3 sets * 18kg 10,10,8

150lbs resistant bands fly & press 60 reps 1 set

this exercises above i have made myself and it kills ur chest let me explain a bit more

i have taken my resistant bands and strapped them to my bench now 1st you do 10 flys and 10 presses on incline then drop down to middle do 10 flys and 10 presses again

now instead of dropping to decline stay at middle or go back to incline and at the top of each fly & press you twist ur palms inwards and squeeze ur chest do this for the full 60 reps with very little rest

i will get to bed nice and early tonight so i can get a solid workout done in the morning
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