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Day 5:

sorry for the slow update i will keep on track with this from now on

any way i found with this stack that when i wake up in the morning in a good mood and take my dose I'm very focused and positive all day. i can get things done very easily without any stress i even start singing if i hear a good song on TV lol

but on the other hand if i wake up and take my dose in a bad mood i still get the focused feeling but with alot of aggression even the simplest things piss me off when I'm in that sort off mood i have been getting a few headaches during the day so maybe i can solve this by splitting the dose up i could do the T ALPHA in the morning and then wait for 1-2 hours then take phenom-v1 before i work out

what i think this must be is 1 of the supplements are enhancing my moods in the morning

so good mood in morning = positive day after dose
bad mood in morning = aggressive day

so theres to different way this could go but i enjoy both lol

here is how my workout went down

crunches 3 sets 30, 20, 13,
reverse crunch 3 sets 30,20,20
leg raises 3 sets 30,15,15
bicycle kicks 3 sets 30, 30, 30
8kg medicine ball pullover crunch 3 sets 20,20,10
oblique crunch 3 sets 20, 20, 15

line drills 3 sets 30 secs fast , 30 secs jump
lying band rows 150lbs resistant bands 3sets 15,15,13
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