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I think you really have to know WHY you are using power cleans/hang cleans/etc. Just doing them "because" doesn't make much sense to me. I hear the "power and explosion" argument all the time, but why not just do plyo work? Why load up? Most sports don't have you explosively moving weight (no, sorry, football isn't the same at all, that would be more of an explosive movement INTO something, at which point you basically suffer all the laws of physics. Still, the mass you accelerate is little more than your body weight).

For sports like strongman, olympic lifts make some sense, since you see some replication of these movements in events. But outside of that venue (and of course Oly lifting), I'm not totally convinced this is a worthwhile undertaking for your recreational lifter or even most athletes. If you just want to do it, fine... I buy into a love for trying new things as a legit reason to do it. Everyone should have a couple lifts they just love to do, and do them out of fun and personal desire... but if you don't need them and aren't married to them, it is time to leave them to the pro's
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