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Default Point Me in the Right Direction?

So about two years ago, I decided I didn't want to be fat anymore. I was very out of shape. I couldn't even begin to run a mile. Anyway, I started running, lifting, and eating better and dropped from 45 pounds. I got very busy with work and was away from home at least 20 days a month. It's hard to eat right and keep at it in that situation so of course I gained a little weight back but nothing drastic.

Fast forward to now. I am no longer working so I decided to try P90X and I did that for one month and then started doing Insanity too. I did both workouts for two months,(P90X in the morning and Insanity later in the day) and lost 13 more pounds. Could have been more, but I did not eat as good and as clean as I should have.

I have now joined the gym and I am trying to figure out what's best for my goals. My first and main goal it to cut the rest of my body fat to get to about 10%. Right now, I am 197lbs at 19.8%. I am 5'11". Of course, I want to gain some muscle mass in the process if possible or after I finish the "gut cut".

Since I joined the gym 2 weeks ago, I have been doing the SS workout but I don't think that is the right thing for me. I do not like the power clean and I have not desire to squat 3 days a week plus with all the cardio I have been doing, my legs are not recovering at all. I have been doing 45 minutes on lift days and 1 1/2 hour on non lift days with two days rest. The cardio is high intense interval as well as some that keeps me on the high side of my target heart rate. Maybe that's too much cardio?

I have a couple of questions. The first is what would be best for me to do to get to achieve my goals? My other question is about supplements. What would be good for me? You can ask 100 people those two questions and get at least 95 different answers it seems .

I have been taking 1400mg fish oil, GNC Sport multivitamin, and complex B plus C

I also drink one scoop of M5 Extreme creatine about 45 minutes before working out as well as one scoop of whey protein mixed with one cup of skim milk before and after workout.

On the days I lift, I am lifting and then doing cardio but I'm not even sure that I am doing that in the right order. I have just read something about drinking a recovery drink after lifting and before cardio so my muscles can begin recovering but what should that be?

Anyway, I will shut up now. Any advice or opinions is greatly appreciated. I am really serious and dedicated since I have the time so I want to really get it right.

One more thing. I know how to eat and what to eat but how many calories a day should I eat in order to cut weight and gain muscle or is that even possible? If not, can I at least maintain the muscle I do have? My BMR intake is about 1900 calories.

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