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Great answers, thanks!

Consensus seems to be that my goals are conflicting, which is true. My main goal is to see how strong I can get, secondarily, I'd like to see my abs, which I'm not actually sure I ever have since around the time Nixon was still President.

Now what seems so hard for me to understand is why I can work out so hard so regularly, yet still look a little barrel shaped. Why can't I just eat sensibly, gain strength, and still look more like Mark Wahlberg or LL Cool J instead of Hagrid? (Joke, I tend toward hyperbole in case you haven't noticed).

Vitality, you pegged it pretty good in that I lost weight pretty easily with calorie deficits, but that is not really working any more. I'm quite certain I can cut calories even more and lose the weight (I don't really have no hope! I just meant that going to extreme measures to cut weight isn't going to happen with me right now). But, I do not want to do that if it is going to affect my primary goal. So, I might be stuck into a few extra pounds at the moment. We'll see.

As for Paleo, that diet really does intrigue me BtB. I lost huge chunks of weight doing Atkins and some other low carb diets from time to time, but I simply cannot stick to them longer than a few weeks. At some point I'm going to ravage a bag of chips or a whole loaf of bread, simple as that. Then the "gains" on those diets are lost within weeks. I do happen to eat more protein than carbs, and "cylcling" carbs is something I have done and can maybe try to do better, but for now, I'm going to keep carbs in the diet.

Now, something else you said intrigues me even more. You talked about cardio, and one correlation I have noticed over the past 18 months or so is that the more cardio I did (I worked up to doing 45-60 min every day, and did 45 min of weights too) the more I tended to have a few binge meals, or simply be just outright ravenous and unable to think rationally about food.

Since I have started to do this 5x5 program two months ago, I have not had any huge meals or felt the need to satify a craving, like eating a whole bucket of chicken or something equally idiotic.

However, since I added in 60 min of cardio two days a week, I noticed my calorie count creeping up more towards the high side of my average than the low side, and the more likley I would just grab a handful of goldfish in passing 25 times a day, or finish my daughter's PB sandwich she leaves half eaten every day, etc.

Now, I'm thinking maybe I should cut back some cardio. Maybe only 30 minute sessions.

How weird is that?
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