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Thanks for chiming in, guys. I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Men's Warehouse may be a good place to try.
Or you may just have to find a good, inexpensive tailor.
I've been to MW with no luck. UGH.

Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
I use next slim fit (but the arms are a bit tight now

dont know mate, your a bit far away. I have a 16.5 collar, which with a tailored fit looks just right, only trouble i have is the arms are then too long

I can never get trousers to fit either. the waist fits, but the thighs are too tight and the inside leg doesnt normally come short enough lol. I even have the short leg taken up on most ones I buy.... I really am a weird build lol

I think you may need to look in the land of Oz, Carl. ;-)

Originally Posted by dmaipa View Post
guess you guys just gotta get your stuff altered..or custom tailored haha
This is gonna be expensive and I, like, GL, am a cheapo.

Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
I have really long arms and really long legs. Hard to find anything off the rack.
Pants are not as much a problem. I wear 34x34 and can usually find or order that from an in-store catalogue.

Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
Generally most shirts are cut in what is called classic style. This has a larger arm hole, and is more generous in the waist cut. For most people this is what they need.

Then you have fitted and slim cuts. Both of these have higher arm holes and less material around the waist. Slim is the narrowest. Fitted is what you're looking for.

You can have a classic style shirt tailored easily, but expect to pay about 10 bucks per shirt.

Pennys has a decent shirt in their Stafford line, and they do have athletic cut. These are generally a cotton poly blend, but they also have their executive line that is 100% cotton.

JCPenney : men : dress shirts + ties

I never buy clothes unless they are on sale, so I am always looking for a bargain. I have a few stores near me that I hit frequently, Kohls, Ross, and Pennys. I also get emails from.

JoS. A. Bank Clothiers - Men's Clothing - Find Tailored Men's Suits & Menswear at JoS. A. Bank

They have great sales with prices slashed regularly.

Ebay is another source that I have used.

dress shirts | eBay
Thanks GL. I went looking around the JCPenney website and a lot of the shirts I saw were "sateen" which I don't want. No shiny dress shirts for me. I will give the other places a look. I also checked Macys online and once I got to 18 neck, the pickings were slim.

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
T.M.Lewin | Makers of Men's Shirts, Suits, Ties, Knitwear, Accessories and Womenswear

You can completely customise your shirts. I have code for 10% discount (through work) and, by complete coincidence, the guy who is modelling the shirts on the website was a year behind me at Oxford and I'm still in touch with him through Facebook. Small world.

If they stick you on shipping let me know and you can get them shipped to me and I'll send them as a gift so you don't have to pay import tax.

Thanks Al. I will look into this when I have time this week.

Originally Posted by Bodybygamma View Post
I am usually successful with the "Big and Tall" sections in department stories if that is an option.
Here they have BIG (meaning wide) but I hardly ever see much in the form of tall.
Complication makes it easy to explain failure.
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