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Default Barbarian Driving Bulldozer

Barbarian Driving Bulldozer

Time for a new log. Important points to note:

Barbarian - I have been eating (nearly) Paleo style for the last 4 weeks. I plan to stick with this for a number of reasons. Bring on the meat and fat.

Bulldozer - My new A/B plan is heavy duty, straightforward, and bone crushing. That is all.

Join me. Let's see what happens.

I have been analyzing a lot of my training aspects while on the road, including set volume and workout structure.

Set Volume

9 weekly sets per major bodypart x 7-8 reps (average) per set = a total of 63 to 72 weekly reps. Multiply this over the course of 4 weeks (let's call this a month) and you get:

9 sets x 7-8 reps x 4 weeks = 252 to 288 reps per month.

With my A/B "split" I will be working every major bodypart only 1.5 times per week, or 6 times per this 28 day period (call it a month). This frequency is half of a conventional fullbody workout, but I am an advanced lifter and I feel the extra recovery for my CNS, joints, whatever really pays off.

Week 1: ABA
Week 2: BAB
Week 3: ABA
Week 4: BAB

So, looking at the monthly rep volume of 250-290 (rounded), my challenge was to keep the volume despite the decreased frequency. So, here's the math for major bodyparts:

250-290 reps divided by 6 workouts equals roughly 40 to 50 reps per workout.

What I have decided to try is an 8x5...8 sets x 5 reps. Now I know this sounds like a crazy amount of volume, but the first 3 sets will be working warmup sets and is really no different than my current warmup structure.

So in reality this is on the lower end of volume compared to what I have been doing. My 8 set structure will look something like:

Set 1 - 40% of working weight x 5 reps.
Set 2 - 60% of working weight x 5 reps.
Set 3 - 80% of working weight x 5 reps.
Sets 4 to 8 - Working weight x 5 reps.

Major Bodyparts

Yes, I said bodyparts. But I am not thinking in terms of a split. I am simply using common lingo so the non-indoctrinated understand the structure. I am not really focusing on bodyparts, as much as I am focusing on 4 major lift styles:

1) Squat
2) Deadlift or Rows
3) Chest Press
4) Overhead Press

Workout A will feature squats and dumbbell bench press.
Workout B will feature deadlifts and overhead press.

I will be rotating between deadlifts and rows.

I am taking a small break from benching to allow my shoulders to heal. My right shoulder has been tender for several months but isn't hit hard with dumbbell bench presses. For DB benches, I use a close, 45 degree grip. This is similar to my bench press form, except that my wrists are now able to be aligned with the angle of my shoulder to elbows.

Minor Bodyparts.

Here, I am trying to make sure I do some direct work for all areas of the body. My entire body has been hit hard from the above exercises, so now it's time to focus on some of my weak/small areas.

I will add 3 extra exercises for both the A and B workout. They will rotate. Here are the areas I will be rotating:

--Biceps - Triceps
--Abs - Traps
--Hamstrings - Calves

I will perform 2-3 working sets for each area, depending on daily energy. Rep ranges will be muscle group dependent.

Final Workout

Workout A
Squats - 8 x 5 reps
DB Bench - 8 x 5 reps
Calves - 2-3 sets
Biceps - 2-3 sets
Traps - 2-3 sets

Workout B
Deadlift (or BB Rows) - 8 x 5 reps
BTN Press - 8 x 5 reps
Hamstrings - 2-3 sets
Triceps - 2-3 sets
Abs - 2-3 sets

And that's about it....thoughts on progression coming soon.

Once again, this is a fullbody. It should be viewed in totality, and not just by bodyparts. My entire body is being worked each session, but some sessions have different focuses. My back is worked with shrugs, my delts with bench, etc, etc.

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