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Originally Posted by JesseA View Post
As long as the ingredients list only Whey protein sources, you should be fine. I don't think the big manufacturers are lying about including soy protein in their products. After all, they claim it's "a healthy protein source".
I'm not a soy protein advocate and I'll spare you the very long explanation to justify that. It's allot of science and marketing.
It's not just a whey world. Marketing and labeling terms are effective and deceptive on purpose. You'll see the big bold print "Whey" and completely overlook the tiny word "blend". That's just one simple example.What I'm trying to say here is to not take any supplement at face value. Do your homework. Read the labels and know what your reading. If you don't know, ask. Or google it. Hopefully that's one of the reasons why most of us are at this forum. The supplement industry is a huge profitable market. Companies are bought, sold or absorbed everyday for brand recognition and unless your part of the industry you won't even hear about it.
Proper nutrition is the most important factor in a productive fitness/weightlifting regimen. It pays off to know exactly what your ingesting and not be deluded by hype. Or super cheap price.
And yes they do lie. Only a tiny tiny fraction of the end product is ever tested to confirm ingredients. And when it's all about profit the cheapest source is the best option. It's not just a problem in the supplement industry. It's common practice throughout the entire food industry.
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