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Christian Thibaudeau

Christian Thibaudeau's Accidental Experiment
Christian recently began testing a super-advanced training protocol he and Tim had in the works, which actually had him training not twice but three times per day, six days per week.

However, Christian started the program without the benefit of ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load. He'd recently run out (due to a shipping delay).

Within two weeks of this insane program — just like the other times he'd undertaken high-frequency physically demanding programs — he was an inflamed, unmotivated, worn-out zombie.

In spite of this ridiculous condition, he still managed to drag himself to the gym for a third week and train at the same pace.

Christian finally received his ANACONDA™ shipment, and it was just in time for his third workout of the day. So he quickly made an ANACONDA™ mixture, using the new protocol, and hit the gym.

So, how quickly was Christian pulled out of his overreaching, overtrained, zombie-like funk?

Forget that... How many times did he need to use the ANACONDA™ protocol before he felt recharged?

How about one time !?!

Christian literally used the new ANACONDA™ protocol just one time, and the very next morning he woke up completely pain free. Not only that, he was antsy to go hit the weights. That day, he trained three times, again, pain-free and full of energy each time.

The second day he trained 4 times. And over the following week, he, as well as everyone in the gym, saw huge gains in his physique. His physique was substantially fuller with rounder muscle bellies and even though his body weight had gone up, he was significantly leaner.

Since then, he's been training 3 and even 4 times per day, 5 and 6 days a week, and loving every minute.

We asked Christian about it.

Christian, tell us about your previously chronic and debilitating inflammation, and aches and pains caused by training 3 times a day.

"I was in a lot of pain, and literally all of it was totally gone the morning after my first dose. Seriously. And I wasn't expecting that, either. I was expecting it to take about five days, minimum. It really took me by surprise. Not only that, I was able to push myself hard that next day and keep pushing every day afterward. I'm totally sold on this protocol."

Morning fatigue?

"It's seriously amazing — that first day, after my very first dose, I woke up really wanting to train. And that's how it's been ever since. It's very consistent, from day to day as well, which is really unusual. As anyone who trains hard knows from experience, morning energy levels are hard to regulate.

"Due to a whole host of parameters, even under the best conditions, energy will vary greatly from day to day. I don't have that problem anymore, as long as I use ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load and MAG-10 Anabolic Pulse."

Motivation to train?

"At an all-time high! Every day, every workout."


"Yeah, I don't have enough time to train 5 times per day!"

Christian's ANACONDA Review
"For the first time in my life, I've been able to train at a level that I actually believe is superhuman. It's beyond anything I've ever seen or experienced, and I've seen a lot.

"It's more than just incredible and exciting to be able to train this intensely, long-term, and see the gains coming every day. It's like living life as a superhero with superpowers. And it's not just me. Every one of the athletes I'm personally working with experiences the same effect.

"High impact, max-force training perfectly stimulates muscle for maximum hypertrophy and strength gains. But it's this ANACONDA™ protocol that delivers the results. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind. Without it, I'd never see this rate of gains. Never.

"I've gone off the ANACONDA™ preparation several times and failed miserably when training like this. Without the ANACONDA™ mixture, I feel totally vulnerable to the effects of overreaching and inflammation. And my gains, although good, aren't anything near what I get when using ANACONDA™ Anabolic Load and MAG-10 Anabolic Pulse.

"I keep saying this, but nothing in my past experience has delivered anything close to these kinds of results.

"There's something else you should know... I make nothing — not one cent — off ANACONDA™ sales. I can't be bought, anyway. Supplement sales are not my business. I'll leave that to the formulation geeks like Tim Patterson. I make a great living building muscle — big muscle — on elite-level athletes.

"My reputation is the most valuable thing I own, and I want to increase its value. So, I am totally staking my reputation on the fact that you'll experience the best gains of your life, just like I am. And that's all there is to it.

"That's what I'm all about, taking hardcore lifters to levels far beyond their previous bests. And the ANACONDA™ protocol is invaluable in helping me do just that.

"I am convinced that I am currently working with the most advanced and most effective training methods ever, which have the potential to deliver superhuman growth to almost anyone who'll fully utilize them.

"But it's the ANACONDA™ formula that actually provides the fuel to deliver the results."I am totally serious."

Peri-Workout Reality Check
For those of you who "prepare" for a workout by wolfing down a protein bar, this protocol may seem daunting. Well, that's understandable. But those days of haphazard preparation are gone. Peri-workout dosing is every bit as important as your workout and sometimes more important. And just like your workout, you'll only get as much out of it as you put into it.

Today's huge advances in training and per-workout formulation provide the possibility for superhuman results, making it a whole new muscle-building world.

You might want to join it.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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