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Originally Posted by ForwardMotionStruggle View Post
So lately I've been on the prowl for supplements.
I'm looking into pre workout supplements and I've been cycling E/C stack for a while, but with my current schedule I'm not going to be able to do that anymore.

Mainly, I've been looking for a new pre workout sup and been constantly looking at the M&S deal of the day. Sorely upset that I missed my chance and the Universal Animal Rage.

However, if anyone else knows where I can find a good pre workout sup for a fair/cheap price, please let me know. I am a college student who's supporting himself on a budget.

I'm looking at K-Otic, but not sure what it's like. I'm going to call in for a free sample, but sooner the better.

Has anyone ever tried making their own?

If anyone also has information for fish oil and multivitamin I'd be entirely grateful.

Thank you,
You should be able to find fish oil and multi locally. My only hint for fish oil is to buy the enteric coated capsules. It keeps the fish burps to a minimum ( I only get them if I take it on an empty stomach).

I have made my own pre. Bought bulk BCAA, Glutamine, L-Arginine, Beta-Alanine and Creatine and then some kind of kool-aide like flavor packets. Arginine has a strong fishy taste, so I now use the tablets, but powder everything else. A tsp is about 5g. So, 2 tsp of BCAA, 1 tsp each of the others, one flavor packet. If you want caffeine, find a powdered energy drink like Deton8 (sold at Kroger). Upfront cost is more than buying K-Otic or Jack3d, but the cost per serving is better overall. I compared my mix to jack3d and the upfront cost per serving was close, but I got 150 servings to Jack's 30.

That said, a pre-made is soooo much easier. The question, that is still in debate, is are they necessary? I have tried numerous and can take or leave them. Love the focus I have with K-Otic, hate the taste. Jack3d made me jittery. Superpump sent me to the head within minutes. Waiting for my Beta-Cret to arrive so that I can give it a try. I would advise trying to pick up some samples and give them a try. Everyone is different.
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