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Default Supplement questions.

So lately I've been on the prowl for supplements.
I'm looking into pre workout supplements and I've been cycling E/C stack for a while, but with my current schedule I'm not going to be able to do that anymore.

Mainly, I've been looking for a new pre workout sup and been constantly looking at the M&S deal of the day. Sorely upset that I missed my chance and the Universal Animal Rage.

However, if anyone else knows where I can find a good pre workout sup for a fair/cheap price, please let me know. I am a college student who's supporting himself on a budget.

I'm looking at K-Otic, but not sure what it's like. I'm going to call in for a free sample, but sooner the better.

Has anyone ever tried making their own?

If anyone also has information for fish oil and multivitamin I'd be entirely grateful.

Thank you,
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