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I my best freind is was a fittness model he ate a shit diet and was natural he weighs 165 when hes at his peak I know for an absoulte fact he doesnt juice and even runs way more then one would recommend he is s staff sergent in the marines he proably never has been on a body building site on the net in his life unless I showed him one and he looj amazing I when in shape hes on the all marine wrestling team. I wish I had his peak picss he. But a ex got into his computer and deleted them lol but he looked amazing you would not belive what a 5'6 165 person could look like he does eat proably 150grams of prtien a day mostly from hamburgers and pizza he does use protein powder mabey 25 grams a day and creatine. muscle ditrubition has a lot to how one will look I have a big back and hips but only 16 inch arms so I look more like a brute he looks astetic. A small wast goes a long way to creating the illusion of strentgh and so do big arms.
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