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Default SFW! The swedish Powerbuilding Routine

The last year i have been experimenting alot with different ways to approach my lifting and Im going to sum it all up in this thread, also open for questions if you have any, I know theres alot of people here with more experience than me.

There is some periodization involved in this, it are divided into two separate blocks and the first one being the SQUAT/PUSH/PULL block, which you will do for about a month (or more if you can handle it). Its simple. You lift 4-6 days a week for 1-1.30h a day, and you pick one squat, one push and one pull compound movement and you do that for all of your workouts. Blast your ass doing singles, doubles and triples on those three lifts, and add some sets of curls, abs, calves or whatever at the end if youre up to it.

NOTE: Dont go high volume (lots of reps) on the exercises, i usually do singles, doubles or triples for my worksets, and then some 5's or 8's with a lighter weight to get the blood flowing. And dont lift to failure or forced, ever.

You will adapt to the high amount of heavy lifts over time, and make sure to have your diet under controll (lots of food and GOMAD is adviced) and sleep alot! (first time I did this i woke up at 3-4 in the morning from hunger! ..And i gained 7 lbs in 2 weeks) Use all supplements at hands, EAA's and BCAA's are well adviced.

When you have done this for a month, if you survived it that is, were on to next block - the 4-LIFT SPLIT.

Day 1: Bench Press and other push movements (bench assistance) Do 3-4 compound exercises of choice, benchpress first, then ohp and cgbp or whatever. SMASH it on all sets, variate rep range in the same workout!

Day 2: Deadlift and pulls (back focus) I do 4 compounds, smashing it on all sets.

Day 3: OHP Focus, i do Military Presses, Push Presses, DB presses and so on. Lots of variations here to.

Day 4: Squat day. Start by doing squats, then when PR's are set and you feel good, move on to the next squat variation. I Do 3 heavy compounds here, 2 squats and one other leg basher like hacklift, RDL's or legpress on occasion.

Day 5: Off-day for me (but if you want to go lift, do it!!)

Day 6: "Play Day" I usually do OL lifts like snatches and cleans here, also isolation and prehab/rehab work so i dont have to take time from the major smashing to do this. This is a good day to work on form or try new stuf!

Day 7: Off-day

*I add in some armwork or abs on day 1,2,3 or 6.

I have not written out reps or sets or anything like that you use to read in a pre-made routine, and that is for a reason. If routine X tells me to do 5x5 on the benchpress on day 65 of the program, and I feel like doing heavy ass singles, then (if i were to follow the program that is) I would actually do something that I did not wanted to do.. Do you follow me? Just work at daily max potential, dont bother about rep-ranges and rest time and such, just SMASH IT on all sets and reps, add weight or add reps or both. Progress!

When YOU FEEL you are done with this period, or youre starting to get bored, move over to block 1 again and run it another month.

This system is for people who have been lifting for a while and knows their body and what amount of work they can handle an so on, and its alot about adaptation (block 1 in particular). The body will adapt to a greater amount of work, and grow stronger to be able to do it.
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