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Default 2 Week Paleo Diet Observations

I have been running my new (nearly Paleo) eating approach for over 2 weeks now, probably 18 days, and here are my observations.

I am not "dieting" dieting, but rather just eating sensibly. I have lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks, eating more than I did on my carb-focused cutting diets. 6 pounds in 2 weeks for me is a good start, though some of it is obviously water loss from my body not going through the cycle of insulin spikes, flooding the blood stream with water to combat high blood sugar levels, etc.

I am eating at least 50-60% fats each day.

--The first 3 days were tough. I felt off, strange, foggy and generally didn't have my head on straight.

--My appetite and cravings are gone. I have no desire for carbs at all. The high fat approach has been really satisfying.

--I sleep better. I do not stay awake, tossing and turning and thinking about food, as I did on the carb-focused cutting diets.

--My nails are growing rapidly. Who cares right? Well, high fat is supposedly good for the skin and teeth, so I imagine if it's helping with my nails it's a good sign.

--I am losing weight without dieting. I am not purposely undereating, or even counting calories. I eat sensibly, and am not compelled to overeat like when my diet was carb heavy. One day during a long drive I had 600 calories of Almonds and 2 triple hamburgers with cheese, sans the bun. I thought this would trigger weight gain, but it's not the same as carb focused diets. My body is not sponging up water to combat blood sugar.

--Urination! I am NOT urinated like crazy every day, even though I still drink a lot. This is also helping big time with sleep. With carbs my body appeared to be constantly adding and releasing water due to the neverending blood sugar roller coaster. This has been the most amazing and unexpected benefit. I no longer get up 3-4 times a night to urinate.

--My strength and workouts are great. I smashed record PRs on this road trip, despite lack of sleep for 2 weeks straight.

--Despite the negative press, and the statements that the brain needs "X" amount of carbs to function properly, I feel awake and aware, and generally darn good.

--Sex drive. My sex drive is up. I bounce back much faster, meaning that the day after sex I am ready for another round. I haven't experienced this drive in years, which is a good sign that my test levels are coming up a bit.

I can't say for certain that all of my observations are 100% due to this Paleo approach. Some could be from random fluctuations of health, hormones, whatever. But I will say that I had no expectations during the last 18 days, nor did I obsess or think about in the least what the possible benefits were.

My foods are generally:

--Beef. Eating a lot of beef. For decades I had avoided fatty beef.
--Almonds. I keep almonds around and snack on small handfuls in between meals.
--Eggs & butter. Been eating eggs cooked in butter about once a day.
--Olive oil. Been using olive oil when pan cooking meat.
--Broccoli & butter. Been steaming broccoli and adding butter. Tastes great.
--Tomato juice. Love the stuff. Drink it a couple times per day.
--Cheese. This is a staple. I snack on cheese, primarily string cheese, when I need a small bite to eat.
--Whey protein. I have a few whey shakes per day when I am working and don't have time to eat.

I also eat sausages, bacon and other meats from time to time.

One observation - it is darn hard to find deli meats, dehydrated fruits or even almonds at Wal-mart that don't contain dextrose, corn or veggie oil, or some other sugars. I really have to watch packages closely. Even most almonds are coated with corn oil!

Processed foods are the enemy. Even seemingly "healthy" foods are crammed with crap.

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