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Week 3 in the books. Mixed feelings. You'll see.

5x bar
5x 115
5x 135
5x 145
12x 155
1x10x 135

No trouble. Moved the lighter sets up a bit so I wouldn't be switching so many plates. Stopped at about parallel on the extra set of 10 as I'm taking it easy on my hips a bit just as a precaution. Definitly moving this weight up again for Monday, I'm thinking 175. I'll bet I could go higher, but I'm forcing myself to be cautious, which I think is wiser for the long run.

Cleans Max:
5x bar
5x 95
5x 105
5x 115
6x 125 +1 rep
1x10x 105 Hang cleans

Now for my real problem. I see trouble in the future with this lift as I finished reading Starting Strenth last night and I realize the way I catch the bar is definitly going to be an issue going forward. This is aggravating as I really thought I had the movement down. Anyway, catching it with my hands and shoulders won't work as the weights get heavier and I'm risking my wrists and elbows, which is ominous as the only troubles I've had so far have been slight wrist an elbow issues.

Bottom line, I have to practice catching the bar on my shoulders with my elbows up, which is hard for me at the moment. But, I have a plan for adding some wrist stretching and using my first two warmups squat sets as front squat sets to help ingrain how to do this right and become more flexible. I also need more work on that hook grip, as using that will ease any pressure I might be feeling in my forearms, which causes my elbows to be at risk unless I am butt perfect with form, which will be harder as the weights go up.

Seriously, if I had known how frigging hard this lift was to do properly, I doubt I would have started this program this way. I'd have done deadlifts instead. But, there you go. It's a challenge that will keep me motivated for a while to resolve it anyway.

5x bar
5x 115
5x 125
5x 135
8x 145 upped weight 10 pounds and +3 reps!
1x 10x 125

At least pressing is very good news. I am crushing some pressing! Nice!

T Row: 2x12x 70 +2 reps
Seated Row: 2x12x setting 7 +2 reps
AMAP Inverted rows: 10 good ones

I've decided if I hit 12 reps with these, I can move them up. So next week, 80 on T Rows and Setting 8 on Seated Rows.

There you go. Squats progressing slowly, Cleans becoming a bit frustrating, but Pressing moving along very nicely.

All in all, not so bad I guess, looking forward to next week anyway.
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