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Default [Request] Basic guide to dieting/foods to eat

Hey MAB'ers,

I love training/working out, but the hardest part of fitness is the nutritional side for me. I love food, but what makes it harder is not knowing where the boundaries are.

I'm OCD so I need rules/guidelines. I don't handle grey zones well at all.
The only successful diet I've had was a keto diet. I did my macros, recipes, etc. very well.

However, I'd like to start eating regular foods again, but the transition is horrible.
I was hoping from the more experienced members (particularly bodybuilders due to their hard dieting) basic advice. I've read basic articles and such, but recently came across one talking about cooking and packing your food in bulk.
This is good advice for me because I have a very tight schedule and I'm usually won't get home until 14 hours later.

So, please any tips? Foods I can eat?
By foods I mean snacks, like I just read BTB eats a jar of pickles a night. Something along those lines.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.
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