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Sure. Diet and exercise.

Seriously, I got motivated to lose, cleaned up my diet, and went to the gym everyday for almost two years.

I'll tell you some generalities that worked for me so that this isn't a novel, and if you have any specific questions, fire away.

For diet, I ate the same thing everyday for breakfast and dinner to take some of the guesswork/potential for cheating out of eating. I ate oatmeal, nuts, fruit, and milk every morning, then every night at dinner I ate some protein, two vegetables, and some grain like rice pasta or potato. Lunch was a bit looser at first, if I went off the reservation so to speak, I did it at lunch. But after a while I cleaned that up too. A small protein, bread, some raw vegetable. At first, I would have a bad meal here and there, but after a while that stopped. Snacks were only yogurt or cottage cheese, fruit or carrots.

For execise, I did 45 min. with weights everyday, then right away did 45 min. with cardio. At first it was just walking, but soon was biking, elliptical, etc. For weights, I did all the simple "push" execises bench, press, squats, lunges, etc. one day, then "pulls" like rows, pulldowns, deadlifts, curls, etc. the next day. I did easy weights 3 sets of 8, or 2 sets of 15, just blasted through them like cardio with weights, supersetted everything. Of course, I skipped days here and there at first, but soon never missed a day unless sick or something.

I lost 25 pounds almost immediately, like 3-4 months, then got stuck and stayed around 200 seemd like forever, but kept at it, and slowly got to 185 about four months ago. Took about 18 months altogether, but I was slowed down because as I got thinner, i would cheat on my diet here and there a bit more. You can workout like a demon, but if you want to lose fat, you have to eat right seems to be the rule. Also, as you get stronger, the scale is a bit misleading. Check your waist size instead.

Hope that helps you! My opinion is that whatever you do, if you're determined, you'll get there.

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