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ChrisTwyman is off to a bad start
Default Diet Today + Cardio

Macros for today will be 200 pro 150 carb 60 fat

Cardio/ Abs / Circuit:
10 minute jump rope HIIT got kicked out for Zumba class lolz
(girls were like look at that guy jump rope haha)
20 min incline treadmill w/ heart rate around 130 bpm.
10 min Interval Elliptical (45 secs normal 15 secs all out +2 resistance)

Smith Machine 225lbs to pin my shoulders down.
6 sets of leg ups with some alternating side crunches.
Bench crunches until failure

I believe in frequency, but not always fatiguing the muscle.
Body weight Dips and Push-ups

64 ounces of water during workout.
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