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Originally Posted by BigFiveFive View Post
Carb sensitivity is definitely a real thing, just from personal experience.

How can u explain me eating 8oz sweet potato and still looking flat, but the guy next to me eats the same thing and blows up? We've both been depleted the same amount of time and water intake is at zero.

Steve can maybe shed some light on this, I depleted for about 6 days prior to my video series, that morning before we trained and they got here I ate 60g's worth of oatmeal and exploded like I had just ate an entire buffet or I had been loading for several days even though I haven't. Ill do some picture taking over the next few weeks when I spike my diet and re-feed glycogen store, Ill use different foods to show how they have different effects.
The documentary Fat Head might explain this better than me. Some folks are more sensitive to carbs, so their body will move the glucose more quickly into fat cells, whereas some younger guys will have the body rocking and will take that glucose and direct it more efficiently to cells for energy.

I believe it's a question of insulin efficiency/sensitivity really. Old farts who have been ramming carbs for decades will see their bodies take that glucose and store it into fat cells. Others will be able to process this glucose slightly better so it's used for energy right now, and less is stored.

I found this quote:

Until your body has secreted enough insulin to move that glucose into cells or be stored as fat, your body tries to compensate or dilute the high blood sugar causing excess thirst and you drink more. It is called polydipsia and a frequent sign of diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugar.
Glucose in muscle cells fills you out. Glucose that gets moved to fat cells bloats you slightly and leaves you flat. This is the best I understand it, and I might be missing a few pieces.

Drinking water and feeling thirsty while you wait for your insulin to get to work will definitely leave you flat/bloated in some form, all the while your muscles are NOT filling with glucose compounding the issue.

If you are flat, it means you are probably a bit sensitive to carbs, a part of that being your body is slow to produce the insulin needed to move that glucose. This foreshadows some possible issues as you age. If your body is slow now to produce the needed insulin, odds are will battle carb related fat in the future.

You did mention you battle fat right now Big55?

Again, I am no expert but I think most of this is accurate.

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