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Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
Some, not most.

One of the things I love about this place is the openess with which these subjects can be discussed. There is not an open range war attitude between those that heavily supplement, and those that don't.

I choose to not heavily supplement, but I'm still interested in others experience. I would especially be interested in following somebody who is at about my level, but choosing to get exotic in there supplements.

The purpose being to watch our progress in both a strength, and size format.
Not to mention how we use our programming to make the most of our choosen path.
For the record I use,

Body Fortress Protein powder
Multi vitimin
Fish oil caps
Dessicated Liver Tabs

Welcome to the forum.
Were not to far off on our supplementation. Right now and for the last few years I've kept it simple imo.
muscle milk protien 50-100 gm day depending on real protein intake.
Fish oil caps 1500 mg day
r-ala 100 mg day
quality multi-vit
vit D 1000 iu (i live in rain city usa)
Jack3D for pre-workout energy boost.
A very good diet.

I'm considering a beginners Ironman this spring. So I'm going to have to up my intensity and longevity on just about everything. I'm just not recovering like I used to though. Some of that is age (38) but I've always maintained my strength and endurance since I was a teenager. I'm going to have to add some product and have thrown a few inquisitions into a couple other threads.
Thanks for the welcome guy's.
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