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OK, lots of news and thoughts.

First of all I finished my first week of this 5x5 this morning very successfully in my opinion. I'm sitting down with a celebratory Glenlivet as I type this. Ahhhh......

Since I was feeling great on Thursday, and I wanted test something out anyway, I went to the gym to do some cardio even though my original plan was not to do any this week. But, I really want to see how they affect my workout the next day. So, I did my hardest cardio, 40 on bike, intervals and hills, with 20 on treadmill with a cooldown, like 600+ calories in the hour if you're interested in that kind of stuff.
Then did 4 sets of Abs
2x15 Barbell rollouts
2x15 Incline crunches
All no problem, felt good. But, I was curious to see how this would affect my squats tomorrow.

Anyway, long story not to be made any longer, I did:

5 reps with bar
5 at 85
5 at 105
5 at 115
15 at 125

So, let me explain that last set. First of all, cardio yeasterday had no affect, my legs felt great. AND I really want to focus on squats as they are obviously my weak lift and this whole program is based on them. Now that I know how to do them, I know I can progress reasonably fast with them, but don't want to overstress some tiny muscle I never heard of and set myself back by injuring myself being too ambitious.

Basically, how to raise them, but stay within the realm of the program and not risk anything jumping weight too fast, so I figure adding reps is the best way to do this. However, I am only going to add reps Mondays and Fridays, Wed stays light and no more than 5x5. SO, basically the same workout Monday and Friday, but shoot for 12-15 reps on Mondays, and maybe slightly less on Fridays depending on how I feel. If I can do hit that, I'm allowed to add weight the next Monday, if not that's my number and revert back to normal 5x5 progression. So, I'm going to set next Monday Sqauts based on 135 Max. I am also always going to do Squats first. Reading suggests this is a good idea as well my emphasis on them anyway.

Then I did Cleans:
5 with bar
5x 95
5x 105
5x 115
5x 125 - Max and PR

However, the more I read about this mysterious lift, the more screwed up in my head I get about it. I was reading where it's important to use the same jump point, and to coincide jump, hip drive, and shrug at same time. Well, I think I do that, but I really looked in the mirror today to check stuff and I was all over the place with where on my thigh I started the movements to whip the weight up. It seemed the more I tried to hit the same same spot, the worse I got at it. Then I was shrugging before jumping or vice versa, it was a show. I felt like tin cup and wanted to put all my change in my left pocket or something. It was ridiculous. So, last two sets, I just whipped them up and didn't look in the mirror at all. Definitly a wise move. I think this move is kind of instinctual. But, I will continue to investigate this. Bottom line, not going to try to add any extra reps or finisher sets until I get more consistent with execution on this.

5x bar
5x 95
5x 105
5x 125
7x 135 PR!
1x10 at 105
Not sure where all this pressing success is coming from, but I think all the OH and Push Press work I was doing the last few months is really improving my press ability. I read in and article here (Pendlay's interview?) where explosive pressing raises all pressing ability, plus I started doing explosive movements because they say it gets your fast twitch muscles to bulk up and help out more. Seems to make sense.

Back finishers
T-rows 2x10 at 75
seated rows 2x10 setting 7
Inverted rows (heels on ground, not a rack chin really) 5 good ones.

I was just shattered when I tried to do these. Not sure why. I've done way heavier on all these. I'd never done these on the same day as Cleans, so maybe that's it. Or maybe since I only had 45 minutes and rushed this workout a bit, that hurt them. Or maybe the barbell rollouts yesterday hurt the cause. Maybe all three. I was very surprised though. I just finished exhausted. Have to track this as this plan continues.

Finally, I think I should really be experimenting with some eating patterns to not only help this entire strength building cause, but to address my lingering last 10-15 pounds I need to lose. Frankly, it's ridiculous I can cardio for an hour and lift hard 3 days a week and still look a bit flabby in the middle. I'm going to remedy this once and for all.

I've been reading a lot lately about nutrition, but something really rung a bell in that Casey Butt article about varying protein and carbs on various days. More protein on hard lift days, but less protein on lighter days and even some carb loading for cardio. This totally makes sense to me, and I think it might keep me from being good on my diet all week, but then feeling ravenous and eating like a savage one or two meals a week and wrecking my whole weeks worth calorie balance.

Anyway, I've got a plan for my diet that I will post this weekend for anyone that is interested.

Sorry for the long post, but if you slogged through it, it must have been interesting or helpful. I hope both.

I'll be back later tonite to read some more. Of course, any comments or suggestions most welcome.
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