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Meal 1

Grilled Chicken on Flatbread

Meal 2

44g Protein Shake

30g Carbs

Meal 3

5oz Steak

1 cup rice

5oz Yogurt

Meal 4

4oz Steak

1 cup rice

Meal 5
4oz chicken
1/2c oatmeal

Leg workout
-Dang when I walked into the gym door tonight I really walked into the door! I jammed my leg up pretty good it was right near my hip i was bleeding...nice little gouge. So it hamperred my workout a lot.
Couldnt manage to push through leg press, deadlifts, or lunges. Made it through squats though.
-Squats 3 x 8
-Leg Extensions 3 x 8
-Leg Curls 3 x 8
-Toe Press 3 x 10
Bummer workout

Meal 6
1lb Chicken
1 cup stuffing
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