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bench 300x6 deadlift 495 Video by Shawn - MySpace Video
A video of me benching 300x6 and deadlifting 495 with straps I'm going to do 500 soon with no straps I just didnt have chalk with me and proably need to refresh my technique I try to use straps a lot because it keeps the spine more alligned then an over under grip I really plan on getting my #s up since I think I might be done with the prowrestling lol I just need to get a hold of some money lol I want to bench close to 400 and deadlift 550 with straps by summer I dont use a power lifting program I use more abbreviated full body routines but plan on setting up a 2 day dc type split with attention payed to increasing bench,dead and bringing up my arms I just hate splits but proably am out growing the full body routine but will always belive its the quickest route to decent size,strength

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